Growth: Operational Improvements, Etsy SEO Improvements, Advertising, Outreach Automation


EcoPeople Skincare




EcoPeople Skincare was the first of Wivisor's strategic partnerships. Finding the brand had a decent presence on Etsy, we worked hand in hand with their team to help them achieve better rankings across their listings, improve image quality, add in video options for listings, run ad campaigns and add new bulk SKU's. We have also begun creating marketing and outreach materials to grow in person and virtual storefront coverage across multiple vendors.


We were able to achieve rapid success with EcoPeople Skincare's virtual strategy. In the next few months we hope to accelerate this more via bulk vendor purchases and further niche development.

Outcomes include:

  1. Setting multiple new top sale records, averaging 100%+ increases MoM.
  2. Ranking "Zero Waste Lip Balm" and "Bulk Zero Waste Lip Balm" #1 across Etsy for 2 months.
  3. Achieving ROAS of 4.0+ across multiple SKU's.
  4. Built out a new operational model with Notion, Airtable and Zapier to automate outreach and management of the company.