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BonoFires, LLC




2021 was a crazy year for firewood. That's why when BonoFires approached us with an interest in building an ecommerce website for their firewood delivery service we were all over it!

Without a website, they had issues collecting payments and letting potential customers know they were serious about their business. Founded by college friends, BonoFires had high quality lumber that they could deliver to any hope within the northwest subrubs.


We sprinted to build out a complete website in two weeks which included ecommerce functionality, extremely fast load speeds, tip functionality for purchasers, email lists and SEO optimized content. Some highlights from this client include:

  1. Over $8,000+ in revenue within 6 months of creation.
  2. $51,000 in unique products viewed (15.6% product conversion rate, 6X the global average).
  3. $13,000 in unique product value added to cart (61.5% add-to-cart conversion rate, 6X the global average).
  4. Email list generation for further campaign pushes.
  5. Sold out within one month of the site going live and again three months later.