July 18, 2021

Why We're on Webflow, and Your Small Business Should be Too

We’re coming to you live from our Wivizor company site - which was built out entirely through Webflow.

We’d consider ourselves relative newcomers to the Webflow platform. Now that we’ve had a couple test drives, it’s quickly become our favorite for building out company websites. 

Webflow is a web design tool, content managing system, and hosting platform. 

Right now it feels like you can throw a stone on the internet and hit a new website building utility. When considering which to go with it can be quite daunting. We’ve personally spent most of our time prior to 2020 in Wordpress as well as manually building sites using CSS. 

So why use Webflow as the foundation for your business’s site now? 

1. The Best No-Compromise Web Design Tool in the Game

Visual CSS flexbox builder | Webflow
Webflow's intuitive, yet versatile Flexbox creator

Webflow has a near-perfect balance between the design freedoms of manual CSS and the structural resources of a web design tool - joined together in a clean package. What this means is that your business doesn’t need to choose between an exceptional site paired with long development times or a generic template that’s quick to modify. The way we see it, why make any compromise when you can have the best of both worlds.

Everyone's gotta start somewhere - web design tools are no different. Wordpress began by catering to the blogger crowd. Shopify by providing a solution for eCommerce tycoons. As a newer player, Webflow finds its niche by specializing in sites built to display information really well. What I mean here is that without reinventing the wheel, website pages on webflow can be quickly formatted and adjusted to build out an engaging experience. If website landing pages are like introductory handshakes, Webflow helps guarantee you’ve got a darn good one.

2. Created with SEO In Mind from the Get-Go

SEO Title & Meta Description | Webflow University
Webflow SEO options available at the page-level

Out of the box, we haven’t found an easier tool to work with than Webflow when it comes to SEO. You’re getting all of the SEO gadgets without having to use any plugins.It’s a website builder designed for the modern internet. What I mean here is that using webflow you can easily optimize a business site’s performance and maintain mobile friendly designs. With Google’s page ranking algorithm, both of these are going to yield big points towards SEO goals

To drive performance, Webflow uses a strategy called Minifying. The CSS code used to build the site that isn’t being used is simply removed. It’s the website equivalent of throwing off the excess baggage. Google gives preference to sites with stronger performance. It makes sense to optimize this with any SEO strategy. 

When looking at all options available, we’re tipping the cap to Webflow as our favorite for building out exceptional business sites. 

It’s got everything we’re looking for and nothing we’re not.

No compromises on design or efficiency.

SEO toolbelt up and running from day one. 

We love the end result personally and haven’t looked back.  

Thanks for Reading -

The Wivisor Team