July 18, 2021

SEO in a Post Covid World

It goes without saying that the last six months have been one of the most disrupting times of the last decade.

From unemployment numbers as high as 40 million americans to restaurants seeing a 90% reduction in reservations, millions have had their lives permanently changed from this event. With this in mind, the entrenchment of digital experiences have only been further engrained in modern day life. Zoom for example had its user base nearly grow 20x in a three month span

With this in mind, one has to think what impact this may have on your business use case going into the future. Let’s say you’re an HVAC services business. When the growing millennial generation looks for a provider, what is their normal course of action? From our prior experience, most do a simple google search for the service they are looking for in the area they live in. On top of that, almost 90% of those who do search will then select an option from the first page

In the future, we see SEO only growing in importance. With younger individuals gaining spending power and having a strong tendency to search for what they are looking for online, it makes sense that having a solid presence online with a fundamental understanding of SEO would succeed in a post COVID environment. As the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz says, “Software is Eating the World”. 

Having worked with businesses across Chicago and Illinois as a whole, we understand the future importance of this post digital shift that COVID-19 has created, and that's why we started Wivizor.

Whether you’re a local services business, a start up with bleeding edge technology or even a local dentist, we hope that we can help you achieve your goals through digital transformation and SEO improvements. If you have an interest in getting your business website set up for a continually growing digital environment, send us a message below or here.

Thank you, and hope you enjoyed the read -

The Wivisor Team