July 18, 2021

Hello World - From the Wivisor Team

Hey, we're Wivisor!

We’re a new team of tech wizards who help take the mystic out of SEO. We’ve got a lot to say, but why not start with what we believe in. 

Transparency End to End

Because good relationships, and good businesses are built on trust. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rapid, Conscientious Action. Rapid, Adaptable Learning.

We believe in a balance between planning and executing, with an emphasis on action. Our active learning initiatives allow us to bring more to the table every time.

Punching out of our ‘Weight Class’

We’re a small team with a uniquely diverse technical background. We make it our goal to run circles around the big guys - and make you look pretty good while doing it. 

When you’re working with us, we’re confident that these three values will shine through. 

We’re relatively new to the SEO Space, but boy we’re happy to be here. What began as a shared interest among co-workers quickly grew into collaborations on SEO projects to help friends’ businesses; now Wivisor. Our group brings together experience in tech consulting, agile product management, UX strategy, and a healthy dose of technical digital marketing for good measure.

We strive to use our diverse technical background to take the mystic out of SEO, and build businesses with a fantastic digital presence. 

We know we can do the above while maintaining a strong partnership, focused around improving your business. 

We would love to talk about how we can partner together to help you and your business venture into the digital frontier.

We did our best to keep things short with our first post (hopefully it showed). We have much, much more to come and we're looking forward to sharing it with you.

Safe travels, we look forward to seeing you out there - 

The Wivisor Team