January 20, 2023

6 Appliance Repair Marketing Tactics To Dominate Your Local Market

6 Appliance Repair Marketing Tactics To Dominate Your Local Market

It might be difficult to stand out in a competitive market as a business owner in the appliance repair market. But you can boost your exposure and draw in more clients with the correct marketing techniques. To help you succeed in 2023, here are six marketing suggestions for appliance repair.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is one of the most crucial things you can do to enhance your online visibility when competing against dozens of other local appliance repair companies. This involves fully completing your profile, including your contact details, business hours, and services provided. Customer testimonials and top-notch pictures of your staff and company should also be included. Your chances of showing up in local search results will rise if your profile is accurate and thorough.

To go deeper, make sure that your images have proper meta data and geotagging included. Google reads image metadata and geographic locations when assessing your rankings, so having a variety of image descriptions and geotagged locations can help provide a lift in overall impressions.

Potential customers also look at the services you offer, so making sure you accurately list all of the services you provide is key. Having just "Appliance Repair Services" as your primary service within your Google Business Profile will hurt you when users search for specific services like refrigerator repair or dishwasher repairs.

Lastly, ensuring that you have online reviews is key. Customer reviews are the number one driver of conversion rates (phone calls, lead forms, etc.) for your business. After working with customers, you should ask them to review your google my business profile and send them a link. Having a wide variety of reviews on your google my business appliance repair profile will drive more phone calls to your business, period. 

PageSpeed Insights for Your Website

Your website's performance is a core part of your online presence. A website that loads slowly will hurt your search engine results and turn off potential clients (and more importantly, result in Google not showing you to searchers).

Using Google's PageSpeed Insights tool is one approach to assess the performance of your website. This tool evaluates the performance of your website and offers suggestions for making it faster.

You will increase the likelihood that your website will rank highly in search results by listening to these suggestions to make sure it loads swiftly and without a hiccup.

Appliance repair businesses have a tendency to create websites with many images that are large in size. This affects your LCP (largest contentful paint), which is how long it takes users to load your page. Given Google's move towards mobile friendly page load, keeping your images in standard size (above 500kb) can greatly affect your ability to rank. 

PageSpeed Insights for Appliance Repair Businesses
PageSpeed Insights for Appliance Repair Schaumburg

You also want to ensure that if you're running a wordpress site unneeded plugins are disabled. These add unused javascript to your site which also affects your website's ability to rank. As an appliance repair business operator, making sure you keep these pagespeed insights in mind will help your site organically outperform competition. 

If you need assistance within improving your website's performance or understanding how search engine optimization can help your appliance repair business, send us a message and we'd love to chat. 

Using Market Analytics Software

Utilizing market analytics software is essential if you want to fully grasp how your marketing efforts are affecting your company. You can monitor the traffic to your website, the activity on social media, and other important indicators using this type of software. This data may be used to determine which marketing tactics are effective and which ones are not. This assists you in concentrating your efforts on the strategies that result in the greatest new client acquisition.

Some popular tools in the market include GoHighLevel, CallRail and LeadSnap. These softwares in particular help in building marketing strategies around phone calls. Inbound form leads are great, but I think we all know that calls are the primary driver for appliance repair business customer acquisition. 

CallRail and LeadSnap do exceptionally well at this as they focus on phone call flows. With CallRail for example, you could get a new phone number that when dialed has the user hit welcome audio read out, a redirect to your technicians/general manager and if they don't pick up a voicemail is sent over and stored for later viewing. 

LeadSnap Appliance Repair
LeadSnap Admin Panel View

A great option with LeadSnap is well is that it can automate the process of getting customer reviews after working with a customer. It can send a text that asks for feedback on the appliance repair service. If they give anything below a five, it takes them to a form to get feedback. With a five star review, it then takes the user to your google my business profile asking them to post what they think and end up completing the review. 

GoHighLevel also has ways for potential customers to start a flow from a web ad load form (discussed more below) and then kick off a process to get business. This could include an automatic text asking for more data, a ping to let you know a new lead is live and then tracking to see how well your funnel looks (percentage of callers that end up using your service). Lead generation companies use these softwares frequently as they assist with automating the entire lead generation process. 

Getting Proper NAP Set Up

An important component of your internet presence is your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). It makes sure that your company is accurately listed on many directories and websites. This makes it simpler for clients to locate you and increases your likelihood of showing up highly in local search results. Make sure your company name, address, and phone number are the same across all of your online platforms in order to properly set up your NAP.

Services like BrightLocal and Yext can assist in this, while Fiverr is another popular option for getting this set up. 

Making sure that you have NAP profiles set up is paramount to appliance repair marketing in 2023. Without this, it's going to be much harder for your site to rank for major keywords. 

Targeted, Hyper Specific Search Ads

Increase your company's leads and sales by using paid search advertising. You may reach appliance repair customers who are actively looking for repair services by using targeted keywords and phrases. Additionally, you may ensure that your advertising are seen by those who are highly interested in your services by employing hyper-specific search ads. Your click-through rates and conversions may rise as a result, increasing the profitability of your advertising.

A big secret in the search ads space is your ability to go beyond just using "Appliance Repair XYZ" where XYZ is your local market. Going after hyper specific keywords like "Refrigerator Repair XYZ" or "Stove Repair XYZ" usually has little to no competitor AND is much, much cheaper relatively speaking. 

This requires more work due to you having to create landing pages for each specific keyword (refrigerators, ovens, etc.), but with it you'll see better conversion rates and will just need contact forms to get contact info of potential customers. 

Another major benefit of hyper specific search ads is your ability to vet qualified leads at scale. Creating campaigns for specific user groups (age, income, etc.) can help with getting more qualified leads and reduce the amount of calls you get that don't end up converting. 

Checking Your Local Business Ranking For Google Business Profiles

Checking your local business's rating for Google Business Profiles is essential as a last step. You can do this to see how your company is doing in local search results. This can help you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and enable you to make any necessary improvements. By searching for your company on Google Maps and examining the ranking score, you may find out how your local business is ranked.

Other heatmap local ranking tools can assist with this. You'll be able to see where you rank for a specific keyword within a single town or city. By doing this, you may see that you rank on the west side of town but not the east. In this case, you want to upload images referencing areas in the eastern part of town or ask customers specifically in the eastern part of town to write reviews for your business. 

Off of this, another well kept secret is adding frequent blog content to your google my business profile. These could be basic updates or more in depth posts about what your business is doing, the hours you're available or ongoing sales that you've got. 

Also, don't forget the importance of relevant keywords on your Google Business Profile. Looking at a local market like Schaumburg for us, we can see that Appliance Repair Schaumburg has a direct keyword match for their domain and business profile. This will help them outrank other businesses that have non-descript business names like "Professional Repair Services" which is very broad. 

In Closing

In conclusion, you may improve your exposure and draw in more clients in 2023 by implementing these six appliance repair marketing tactics. The optimization of your Google Business Profile, the use of PageSpeed Insights for your website, the use of market analytics software, setting up proper NAP, targeted, hyper-specific search ads, and checking your local business ranking for Google Business Profiles are some of the suggestions listed here. You may differentiate yourself in a competitive market and expand your business by putting these methods into practice.